17 • 12 • 2013

LVM scholarship recipients head deeper into forests

LVM scholarship recipients had the chance to take part in a seminar on December 11 to become familiar with the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute and forestry placements in...

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06 • 12 • 2013

Christmas Trees for Everyone

A Christmas tree is a symbol of life which always plays an honourable role at the turn of the year. It is decorated with red apples and bright baubles, candles or electric lights, and children’s...

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29 • 11 • 2013

JS "Latvia's State Forests" („Latvijas valsts meži”) has just released the price list for forest seedlings that its nurseries will be offering in 2014

To make sure there is no delay in regeneration this spring, we are urging all forest owners to sign contracts right now to reserve seedlings for the coming season.

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21 • 11 • 2013

Research topics about forests

In order to encourage secondary school students to choose research topics about forests, JSC Latvia’s State Forests and the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute have come up...

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14 • 11 • 2013

JSC Latvia’s State Forests receives Health Award

The Health Award was presented for the first time at the end of October. JSC Latvia’s State Forests received it in the category “Organizer of Children’s Sporting Events and Healthy Spare Time”...

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11 • 11 • 2013

30 students to receive LVM scholarships this year

This year, JSC Latvia’s State Forests (LVM) scholarships will be granted to 22 students of Latvian higher education institutions and 8 students from Ogre State Technical College, who will have a...

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08 • 11 • 2013

Autumn break in forests – teachers take part in continuing education courses

For the third year in a row, JSC Latvia’s State Forests in conjunction with the State Forest Research Institute “Silava” and the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute...

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31 • 10 • 2013

No major damage in state forests from autumn storm

On the night to October 29, a low-pressure area crossed Latvia, resulting in high winds throughout the country. In several locations in Kurzeme, winds gusts exceeded 30 metres per second. According to...

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31 • 10 • 2013

Blue-winged grasshoppers return to Latvia after 50-year absence

The blue-winged grasshopper (Oedipoda caerulescens) is the 2013 Insect of the Year. This year, JSC Latvia’s State Forests environmental planning specialists Mārtiņš Kalniņš and Kaspars...

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29 • 10 • 2013

Passing birds visit Latvia’s forests and meadows

Autumn is the time when passing birds, for example – several species of ducks, visit Latvia accidently or on purpose on their way from colder northern lands much more often than during other...

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25 • 10 • 2013

Mammadaba adventurers conclude autumn season

The autumn stage of the Mammadaba Adventure has come to an end. More than a thousand pupils from 35 schools from all over Latvia took part in orienteering activities this autumn, learning about...

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