13 • 10 • 2010

Cūkmens in international TV

The Legend of the Latvian State Forest's, Mr. Pigman is the long-awaited answer to the problem of illegal waste disposal. This snout-donning, snuffling super-swine spends his days charging around...

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25 • 07 • 2010

Events of “Forest Days 1020” in LVM Forestries are over

The annual Forest Days incorporating more than a hundred different events aimed at cleaning up of the forest and the recreation sites, planting of new forest and fixing up of nest boxes for birds have...

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22 • 07 • 2010

Cūkmens starts a campaign “Don’t Litter the Roadside!”

To fight against littering of the roadside and warn the drivers from being penalised for throwing waste out of the car windows (amount of fine, LVL from 50 to 500), Cūkmens, assisted by a group of...

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28 • 06 • 2010

LVM Supports Termination of FSC Certificate in Latvian State Forests

Having looked into all “pros and cons” AS “Latvijas valsts meži” decided to support the termination of the FFSC certificate in Latvian state forests unless the transparency of certification...

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10 • 06 • 2010

Over 2 Million Tree Seeds already Sown within the Campaign Oxygen

Within the national campaign “Oxygen” focussing on sowing and planting trees in the whole country, about 35 000 school children from 700 schools of Latvia, several thousand private persons as well...

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01 • 06 • 2010


Experts have placed AS “Latvijas valsts meži” on TOP of the list grading Latvian companies as to their environment-friendliness.

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25 • 05 • 2010

Angling Season Starts!

The time long awaited by anglers has set in at last:  form May 1 it is permitted to angle from the boat. This concerns undoubtedly also the lakes under management of AS "Latvijas valsts meži":...

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24 • 05 • 2010

Environment Stands in Towns of Latvia Feature a Poster Painted by a School Girl

Since May 26, a poster named “Plant your own tree!” by Elīna Kļaveniece, a 10th grade student of Iecava Secondary School painted within the framework of a creative ad competition “Different...

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22 • 05 • 2010


On May 5, over the inauguration event of the national tree-seeding campaign “Oxygen” at the Monument of Liberty, some well-known members of the public together with schoolchildren, representatives...

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10 • 05 • 2010

2 Million Trees to be Planted within the Campaign „Oxygen”

  To transform Latvia into the greenest place on Earth, the nation-wide tree seeding and planting campaign “Oxygen” has been launched supported by  AS “Latvijas valsts meži“ and...

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03 • 05 • 2010

At the Time of the Great Cleanup Week, 4000 Bags of Litter Removed form Latvian State Forests

We are proud to say that looking back at the achievements of the Great Cleanup Week in the area managed by AS “Latvijas valsts meži” one can see even a higher enthusiasm among the campaign...

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