25 • 05 • 2010

Angling Season Starts!

The time long awaited by anglers has set in at last:  form May 1 it is permitted to angle from the boat. This concerns undoubtedly also the lakes under management of AS "Latvijas valsts meži": Kaņiera, Zebrus, Lielauces and Gulbju.  The only exception is Tervete Water Reservoir where the angling season starts only on June 1.


As from 2002, apart from angling activities regular restocking takes place in the above water bodies one can really hope for a bounteous catch there. Over the said period more than 5 million pike larvae, 40 thousand eel and 20 thousand pike-perch juveniles, 10 thousand of one summer old pike-perch and 10 thousand of one year old pike have been released in lakes taken care of by LVM.
Over the previous seasons nobody could complain of small catch in our lakes: an 11 kg pike was caught in Lake Gulbju (Spāre), a 10 kg carp - in Tērvete Water Reservoir, a 10 kg pike perch - in Lake Zebrus and the record perch caught in Lake Lielauces weighted 1.2 kg.