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The planning of the forests’ administration and development works is carried out by Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM). It sets goals and then performs the planned activities, which include forest renewal and precomercial thinning, clearing and cutting, the development of the forestry roads and drainage systems, taking care of protected species and biotopes, looking after places of public value, amongst others. Once the volume and location of works are known, the activities are planned according to the company’s defined economic, environmental and social targets. This also includes the development of the actual guidlines for the planning of the forests’ administration.

The collection of the planning activities results in the form of tables, graphs, maps and guidelines is called the “Forest Management Plan”, which is approved by the board of LVM. In order to inform the groups of interest about LVM’s vision for the administration of the forests in the years to come and ensure feedback and consultation, each LVM region (forestry) receives the general abstract and guidelines of the "Forest Management Plan".

This general abstract includes the most important results of the forests’ administration planning process: LVM goals, valuation of resources, volume of works, as well as links to LVM internal regulations and standards and other conventions. The "Forest Management  Plan" is also accessible to the general public. It is discussed with the groups of interest no less frequently than once every five years or every time that the methods and/or regulations in the processes or the volume of the administrated forest changes dramatically. The general abstract of the "Forest Management Plan" is guaranteed by the law of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the standards of the forests’ administration processes.