13 • 11 • 2018

Latvia’s State Forests Set up a Wooden Footbridge to the Partisans' Memorial Site in Stompaki Bog

JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) has made the Latvian national partisan settlement and battle memorial site in Stompaki Bog, Viļaka Municipality, more accessible to visitors by constructing...

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07 • 11 • 2018

Carriers Invest in Driver Training

Timber transportation service providers carry out driver training to provide a high-quality and efficient service (economic and safe driving, assessment of the size and quality of timber,...

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06 • 11 • 2018

Animals are Gathering in Groups to Get Ready for Winter

  November - the last autumn month in the calendar. Wind is tearing the few remaining leaves from trees, and playing with the leaves that have already been torn and have not yet turned into a...

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03 • 11 • 2018

Four-year Contracts for Timber Carriers

JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) has for the first time concluded a four-year contract for the provision of timber services, which allows entrepreneurs feel more stable. Mārtiņš Krūze, head...

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02 • 11 • 2018

Art Students' Exhibition "Forest for Latvia. The Next 100" Is Open to All Interested

Binding creativity and the growing role of forest in the Latvian economy, an exhibition of paintings was opened on 1 November presenting the best works submitted by students of the Art Academy...

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01 • 11 • 2018

A New Walking Route has been Opened in Mount Egļukalns

A new walking route Egļukalns Forest Trail, suitable for both families and experienced tourists has been opened in JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) Southern Latgale region. (Photo: tourism club...

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29 • 10 • 2018

Forest Calendar: October

October, the month of rain, has arrived. Drops of rain as well as yellow, brown and red leaves are falling all around us. Although this time is not favourable for mushroom pickers, there are a...

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26 • 10 • 2018

LVM Expands the Number of Mining Sites where Certified Production Process Control is Introduced

In September 2018, in cooperation with SIA "Bureau Veritas Latvia", an audit was carried out at JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) mining sites, during which twenty-seven mineral mining sites were...

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25 • 10 • 2018

Hunting Helps to Reduce Damage Caused by Animals

  The goal of foresters is to grow productive, valuable and healthy tree stands. Currently, this goal is hampered by the increasing number of forest animals and the damage they cause. One of...

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24 • 10 • 2018

Nature is Getting Ready for Winter

October is the month when the splendour of the colourful leaves surprises and delights a number of people enjoying autumn. This year, this month has been particularly favourable for indulging into...

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