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13 • 08 • 2018

European Foresters’ Orienteering Championship has Come to an End

On 6-10 August, Sigulda hosted the 25th European Foresters’ Orienteering Championship (EFOL), which brought together 417 participants from 15 European countries. The championship was opened with...

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15 • 08 • 2018

Wind Gusts Damage State Forests

The strong wind that last week raged in Latvia has damaged forests in Kalupe (Daugavpils Municipality) managed by JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM). According to the preliminary assessment...

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14 • 08 • 2018

A New Mining Site has been Opened in Tukums Municipality

In order to meet the demand for sand and sand-gravel resources, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) has opened a new mining site “Praviņas II” D iecirknis” in Slampe Rural Territory,...

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14 • 08 • 2018

It Is Dangerous to Swim in Active Quarries

With the hot and sunny weather, a large influx of bathers and holidaymakers can be seen at JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) mining sites where water bodies have developed. We would like to...

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09 • 08 • 2018

Latvian Loggers Win a Gold Medal in the World Logging Championship

On 2-5 August, the 33rd World Logging Championship took place in Lillehammer, Norway, and the Latvian team showed excellent results. Logger Pēteris Ķepītis won the gold medal in bucking by...

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07 • 08 • 2018

A Sill will Protect a Forest Road

Work has been completed on a specific road construction project "Vārupes pārgāznis" (Vārpupe Sill) which, in case of high rainfall, will prevent road damage. fter rainstorms, there is a...

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06 • 08 • 2018

Latvia Welcomes European Foresters

From 6 to 10 August, representatives of the Latvian forestry sector will host participants of the European Foresters' Orienteering Championship, which is to take place in Sigulda. This year, 410...

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02 • 08 • 2018

Fire Risk Remains High in State Forests

Currently three large forest fires are being extinguished in the area managed by JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM): in Ramata Rural Territory, in Sala Rural Territory, and the largest territory...

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31 • 07 • 2018

Sand from a Quarry Managed by JSC "Latvia's State Forests" is Used for the Needs of Jānis Daliņš Stadium in Valmiera

  To provide athletes with good quality training infrastructure and to create an environment suitable for high-level competitions, reconstruction of Jānis Daliņš Stadium in Valmiera has been...

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25 • 07 • 2018

July in Forest

July has long been known as the month of linden or linden blossom, when the air is full of a sweet smell. The statistics also shows that small-leaved lindens usually bloom in Latvia in the second...

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