20 • 05 • 2019

The Forest is Your Stadium

We have a delightful novelty for anyone who appreciates active recreation in nature and the charm of orienteering sports - a new project called “The Forest is Your Stadium” offered by JSC...

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17 • 05 • 2019

The Biggest Annual Forest Industry Event to Take Place Very Soon

  Only one week is left until this year's largest forest industry event - the Latvian Forest Days that is to take place in Tērvete. On 24 and 25 May at 10 a.m., both the young and the old are...

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16 • 05 • 2019

A Mining Site in Salacgrīva Municipality has been Recultivated

The mineral extraction site “Ēkaji” is located in Salacgrīva Municipality, Ainaži Rural Territory “Dižozola masīvs” (Dižozols Massif). It is a place where sand and sand-gravel...

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15 • 05 • 2019

Teachers are Encouraged to Apply for International Continuing Education Courses about Forests

How to ensure that school programmes relate to real life - forest? How to achieve better learning outcomes for students working in forest environment? These matters will be explored by teachers at...

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14 • 05 • 2019

LVM is Investigating the Spread of the Groundcedar

There are two species of groundcedar to be found in Latvia: the more common greenish-coloured creeping jenny (Diphasiastrum complanatum) and the less common blue-grey blue clubmoss (Diphasiastrum...

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10 • 05 • 2019

The Latvian Forest Days Call on Everyone Interested to Explore and Try Forest Works

The Latvian Forest Days that are to take place in Tērvete on 24 and 25 May, will offer those interested not only the opportunity to spend time in fresh air, but also to learn about forestry in over...

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09 • 05 • 2019

Norwegian Technical School Students Visit LVM

On 7 May, students and lecturers of the Norwegian Technical School KVS-Bygland visited LVM Vidusdaugava region to get acquainted with sustainable forest management in Latvia. This school is similar...

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07 • 05 • 2019

A Forest Day Event to Take Place in the Sap Tree Park

On 15 May, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM), Smiltene Municipality local government and SIA “Kainaiži” will host an event for planting of North American silver maple seedlings in the...

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03 • 05 • 2019

During the Season of Drought, Fires Spread outside Forests

The drought and heat of spring this year have contributed to high fire hazards in Latvian forests. Even the experienced JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) foresters find it difficult to remember...

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02 • 05 • 2019

LVM Announces a Tender for Timber Transportation Services Using Special Equipment

Forestry work is organised in different weather conditions, therefore it is especially important to make the planned timber deliveries within the defined timeframes in hard-to-reach forests,...

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