12 • 09 • 2019

LVM Embassy in Āraiši to Tell about the Various Options of Using Wood

  Inviting everyone interested to learn about historical evidence and benefits of wood as a durable and renewable material, a LVM pop-up seasonal embassy will be opened on 14 September in...

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10 • 09 • 2019

Study with LVM Forest Scholarship!

In order to raise students' awareness of the importance of forest management, as well as to provide an opportunity not only to improve their knowledge and give an insight into their possible future...

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09 • 09 • 2019

Mineral Materials Meeting the Road Specification Requirements are Available also in Kurzeme

The production of mineral materials continues in all mineral extraction sites managed by JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM). Staring From September, the mining site “Saliena-Rīva” in LVM...

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05 • 09 • 2019

LVM Protects Young Trees against Wild Animal Damage

In autumn, when the active growing season of the young trees that have been planted in the forest is over, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) starts protection of the young trees, especially...

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03 • 09 • 2019

A Busy Season for Nut Pickers

This year's nut harvest is very rich, which is appreciated by both forest animals and nut pickers. However, when sorting the yield, nut pickers often encounter a significant drop-off, which is...

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02 • 09 • 2019

A New Road to Jānītis Nature Trail in Tukums Municipality

JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) invites travellers to use the new Jānītis road to make it easier and safer for them to get to the Jānītis Nature Trail in Tukums Municipality Zentene Rural...

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29 • 08 • 2019

LVM Restores a Forest Drainage System in Kurzeme

In July, forest drainage system “Gulāni” with an area of 229 hectares and seven forest roads with a total length of 11.5 kilometres were put into service in LVM Southern Kurzeme...

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28 • 08 • 2019

Fire Risk Remains High in the Western Part of Latvia

JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) reminds that since the weather is dry and sunny, the fire risk in forests increases. Currently there is a high fire risk in the western part of Latvia...

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27 • 08 • 2019

The Embassy of Latvia's State Forests to Host the Day of Mushrooms

Forests are now full of mushrooms and mushroom-pickers. In honour of one of the most popular outdoor activities in Latvia - mushroom picking, the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests in cooperation...

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26 • 08 • 2019

LVM Announces a Tender for Mechanized Energy Wood Processing

JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) announces a tender “Provision of Mechanized Energy Wood and Timber Production Services from 2019 to 2023 by Concluding a Framework Agreement”. The...

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23 • 08 • 2019

Welcome to the Embassy of JSC “Latvia's State Forests”!

For the third year already, the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests has been welcoming visitors at JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) Riga Customer Centre. It is a place for a dialogue between...

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