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High-yield plantation and quality timber forest does not grow by itself, but has to be grown in a managed way, as forests which grow naturally and are not taken care of tend to produce low yields and have low-quality wood.  

Tree cultivation also means tending: if the trees growing in the forest are tended at the correct time, more wood and income can be gained. As a result of this process, the trees of the forest will become healthier and stronger. A forest which has been taken care of gives wood matching the dimensions demanded by the market 10% more quickly. Annually LVM carries out young growth tending of approximately a 33 000–36 000 ha area and adds between 15 000 and 19 000 ha to the areas for tending and cutting. Thus, the forest’s value is continually growing.

In total, the annual tree growth in the forests is 12 mil. cubic meters. On average LVM cuts 5-7 mil. cubic meters of wood annually. Thus, it is ensured that the cut volume is less than the growth and that the forests’ resources are allowed to reproduce in an uninterrupted way.