LVM GEO is a collection of geospatial information technology (GIT) products and services provided by the Geospatial Information Technologies business unit of the JSC Latvia’s State Forests (LVM). We have been developing GIT since 2009 to support our business operations, and we offer GIT products and services not only internally, but also to clients specializing in various industries. LVM GEO products range from a modular and multifunctional geospatial information technology platform with interfaces for companies and organizations to open tools for spatial data processing for any GIT user.

LVM GEO geospatial information technology development and maintenance is provided by the professional team of LVM’s GIT division - geospatial solution architects, developers and consultants, system and geospatial solution analysts, spatial modelling experts, remote sensing specialists and project managers.

LVM GEO services are:

  • Geographic information system development
  • Spatial planning optimization model development
  • GIS consulting and project management
  • GIS data management and analysis
  • Remote sensing services