10 • 05 • 2010

2 Million Trees to be Planted within the Campaign „Oxygen”


To transform Latvia into the greenest place on Earth, the nation-wide tree seeding and planting campaign “Oxygen” has been launched supported by  AS “Latvijas valsts meži“ and SEB Bank. Within one year, the campaign aims at planting 2 231 503 pine and spruce trees over the whole Latvia. For achieving of this goal an appeal has addressed to the 5th and 6th –graders as well as to all inhabitants of this country so that each one should plant a tree already this spring.

In the research study World Environmental Performence Index published in 2008 by the University of Yale, Latvia was ranked as the most environmentally-friendly country in Eastern Europe, while on the global list it occupied the 8th place.  “The indicators of Latvia are outstanding. This is something to be proud of and with a little additional effort we can hope to become the greenest country on Earth. Seeding and planting of trees is a routine job for AS “Latvijas valsts meži”, however only by joint effort and involvement of the whole population we will be able to compete for the title  the Greenest Country on Earth” admits Tomass Kotovičs, managerof AS “Latvijas valsts meži“ project “Get to the Back of Forest”.


“SEB Bank is very pleased to join this campaign aimed at promotion of the environmentally friendly thinking and cleaning-up of the outdoors environment. The new Project „Oxygen” is an incentive targeted at joining efforts to demonstrate that Latvia is an excellent country with its nature, greenery, fresh air and, what is especially important, - an active involvement of the younger generation in augmenting such excellence. I hope that all the 5th and 6th -graders of Latvia together will demonstrate that growing of a tree is a completely realistic and implementable task for everyone,” Ainārs Ozols, President of SEB Bank points out.


The Project is organized by AS Latvijas valsts meži and SEB Banka summoning every person in Latvia to seeding, planting and growing a tree; the Project is supported by Latvijas Pasts (Latvia Post) and Latvijas Radio (Latvia Radio).