03 • 05 • 2010

At the Time of the Great Cleanup Week, 4000 Bags of Litter Removed form Latvian State Forests

We are proud to say that looking back at the achievements of the Great Cleanup Week in the area managed by AS “Latvijas valsts meži” one can see even a higher enthusiasm among the campaign participants than a year ago: 2500 people have taken part in 62 cleaning-up measures collecting totally over 4000 bags of waste, planting 23 hectares of forest as well as fixing up 700 nest boxes for birds.

Cleaning-up events organized by LVM were amply supported by school-children, people from local companies and municipality administrations as well as families with children. The largest number of people this year (600) has participated measures organized in Zemgale Forestry: within the Big Clean-up Week, they were removing litter from the forest, planting new stands as well as fixing up nest boxes for different birds. In Dienvidlatgale Forestry in its turn, people had been especially active in planting the forest: the team of 94 participants had planted more than 11 hectares of new forest.


The birds inhabiting the area managed by Dienvidkurzeme Forestry should be really happy after the Big Clean-up Week: they have come into possession of 400 nest boxes fixed up by 250 participating people. There were also other chores attended to like cleaning up of the Ziemassvētku kauju vieta (Christmas Battle Field) and Augstais Kalns Mound in Zemgale, setting up of a new campfire site in Smiltene municipality and clearing away of 10 beaver-felled trees from the lake.


Within the events of the Cleanup Week, Valdis Zatlers, President of Latvia, worked together with LVM staff members and local people in Skrīveri Dendrological Park for already 10 years managed by AS “Latvijas valsts meži”. They embedded new park benches in concrete, cleaned up the park for the coming season and planted 10 new larches.