25 • 07 • 2010

Events of “Forest Days 1020” in LVM Forestries are over

The annual Forest Days incorporating more than a hundred different events aimed at cleaning up of the forest and the recreation sites, planting of new forest and fixing up of nest boxes for birds have drawn to a close.

“Forest Days” under the patronage of Valdis Zatlers, the President of Latvia, set in all over Latvia with the onset of spring. In the period of several months, on the whole more than 5000 people participated the Forest Days’ events organized by different forestries of AS „Latvijas valsts meži” and their joint effort produced more than 100 ha of newly-planted forest, more than 1050 nest boxes fixed up on trees in forests and parks as well as almost 7000 bags of waste collected and removed from the forest.

Volunteers gathered by Zemgale Forestry turned out to be the most active forest planters – they produced 22.3 ha of forest while people joining the "Forest Days" in the area of Dienvidkurzeme Forestry fixed up 568 nest boxes. Volunteers working in Vidusdaugava Forestry were the busiest of all in cleaning-up activities: they collected 2400 bags of waste.

„Forest Days” is a well-established tradition recurring every spring for already several decades. It involves a number of campaigns aimed at planting the forest, cleaning-up of country side and historical places, as well as building and fixing up of nest boxes for birds. Over the last couple of years the Forest Days are gaining increasing popularity and gathering larger crowds of volunteers from local people, local government employees and schoolchildren.