11 • 11 • 2013

30 students to receive LVM scholarships this year

This year, JSC Latvia’s State Forests (LVM) scholarships will be granted to 22 students of Latvian higher education institutions and 8 students from Ogre State Technical College, who will have a chance to attend special seminars, learning about the company and the industry all year round. Many LVM scholarship recipients are in their final year of studies, working on bachelor or master papers. For them, LVM scholarships are a wonderful opportunity to acquire additional information, find out experts’ opinions and obtain materials for studies. From November 2013 to June 2014, Ogre State Technical College students will receive LVL 70 monthly scholarships, students at higher education institutions – LVL 90 monthly scholarships.

Most recipients admit that the scholarships are not only monetary benefits, but also an opportunity to become familiar with the company’s operations, break stereotypes and gain new information for bachelor and master papers.

Environmental protection scholarship recipient Linda Robalte, a second-year master’s student at the University of Latvia’s Faculty of Biology: “I applied for the scholarship because I wanted to learn about forest planning, protection and management. Of course, financial support is important as well. In the 2013/2014 academic year, I hope to meet LVL experts who will be interested in my study on bilberry ecology.”

Environmental education and communication scholarship recipient Līga Pakalna, a student at the University of Latvia’s Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences: “I found out about the scholarship on the faculty’s homepage. I am also head of student administration and I passed on this information to other students. I expect that the scholarship will result in further cooperation with LVM, since I am ready to prove myself in this field.”

Environmental protection scholarship recipient Jānis Saulītis, a second-year student at the University of Latvia’s Faculty of Biology: “I consider the scholarship not only a monetary benefit, but also an opportunity to learn something new in LVM seminars and find out more about the company and its employees.”

65 applications from university and college students and 11 applications from Ogre Technical College students were received this year. Students in the fields of forestry science, forest ecology, environmental communication and education, tree breeding, tissue culture, forest management planning, logging management, forest infrastructure, geology, timber processing, geographic information systems and logistics management were eligible to apply for the scholarships this year. The largest number of applications was received in the fields of forest management (21), environmental protection (15), environmental education and communication (15).

Each year, to promote greater knowledge and majoring in forestry, JSC Latvia’s State Forests announces a scholarship competition. LVM scholarships are awarded to university and college students studying in various fields, and Ogre State Technical College students can also apply for special scholarships. The goal of granting LVM scholarships is not only to motivate students to develop their skills, but also to attract young specialists to LVM, increase the number of students and foster their desire to improve the quality of studies in the areas interesting LVM.

Information prepared by LVM Communications Department, phone: 67805432