06 • 12 • 2013

Christmas Trees for Everyone

A Christmas tree is a symbol of life which always plays an honourable role at the turn of the year. It is decorated with red apples and bright baubles, candles or electric lights, and children’s eyes glow when they recite poems for Santa.

How to find a beautiful Christmas tree?

Fir-trees can be bought from various vendors. It is also possible to purchase them in special pots, where they can remain until spring, when they can be planted in gardens. Forest owners can cut down fir-trees in their own forests.

Keep in mind that there is also another way to find a Christmas tree.

Christmas and New Year celebrations draw near and each resident is allowed to chop down one fir tree for personal use in LVM forests in December.

However, there are certain rules.


Where am I allowed to cut down fir-trees?

Cutting down fir-trees is prohibited in private forests, nature parks and protected areas.


How to find LVM forests

LVM forests can be distinguished from other forests due to the company’s name-plate, containing the company’s logo and other information. Look for it on roadsides and firebreaks.

It is also possible to view state forests at www.mammadabakarte.lv.

Nevertheless, even in state forests, there are certain restricted areas, where it is forbidden to cut down fir-trees.

Do not fell fir-trees in young forest stands, regardless of whether they are pine, fir or black alder stands.

Restriction on cutting down firs in mixed forests, for example – beneath birches.


Where to cut down fir-trees?

You may pick your Christmas tree on forest roads, firebreaks, ditch slopes, under power lines and in mature forests under large trees.


How to come across ideal fir-trees?

The height of a fir tree and its base should form a proportion of 1.5 to 1;

Proportionately looking branches;

Strong enough branches to carry the weight of Christmas ornaments;

Make sure you fir-tree does not have a dead top.


Which fir-tree to cut down?

Only fir-trees with trunk diameters of less than 12 centimetres and up to three metres tall can be felled. When cutting your own tree, cut as close to the ground as possible to prevent its stump from injuring forest animals.


How to keep a fir-tree alive longer?

Keep a container with water under your Christmas tree stand. Make sure that there is still some water in it;

Before placing your Christmas tree in water, remove bark from the part of it which will be submerged, so improve its absorption capability.

You can also add to water glycerine, aspirin and a couple teaspoons of sugar, which will nourish your Christmas tree;

Other options include adding a tablespoon o dissolved aspirin, a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vegetable compost. 

Or add two teaspoons of citric acid, a tablespoon of gelatine and two spoons of powdered chalk.

To ensure good looks for your Christmas tree, place it in a container filled with wet sand.


Show some respect to your fir-tree even after Christmas!

When the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and your Christmas tree is no longer the star of the show, do not throw it out. It can still be useful. You can use its branches to cover roses and it will prop your sweet peas in summer.

Even if you are living in a city, it is still possible to make use of a parched fir-tree – it can be offered to those who use wood for heating.


Merry Christmas!