29 • 11 • 2013

JS "Latvia's State Forests" („Latvijas valsts meži”) has just released the price list for forest seedlings that its nurseries will be offering in 2014

To make sure there is no delay in regeneration this spring, we are urging all forest owners to sign contracts right now to reserve seedlings for the coming season.

A majority of the seedlings are nurtured from special plantation seeds. The result is heightened forest stand fertility by about 20 percent, and a shorter propagation period by 10 percent. 

Irēna Aleksejuka, deputy director of sales at the „Latvijas valsts meži" division for seeds and seedlings, had this to say: "Also important is that the customer is offered seedlings pre-treated against potential damage from insects after being planted. Being used right now is a pesticide much more effective and environmentally friendly than the one used previously. Since this insecticide is absorbed in plant tissue, it never reaches the surrounding environment, does not wash away in rainfall, and retains its protective function longer. For the more demanding client, also available are seedlings treated with ecological paste."

Information prepared by LVM Communications, tel. 67805432



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