17 • 12 • 2013

LVM scholarship recipients head deeper into forests

LVM scholarship recipients had the chance to take part in a seminar on December 11 to become familiar with the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute and forestry placements in Vidusdaugava forests.

30 students met with Latvian State Forest Research Institute Director Jurģis Jansons, discussing forest resource dynamics, forest monitoring, amelioration and other forestry matters. Afterwards, they put their knowledge into practice in the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute’s laboratories and headed into forests, where they were greeted by Vidusdaugava Region Planning head Kaspars Riže and his assistants, learning about daily forest management.

This year, LVM scholarships will be granted to 22 students of Latvian higher education institutions and 8 students of Ogre State Technical College, who will have a chance to attend special seminars, learning about the company and the industry all year round.

Each year, to promote greater knowledge and majoring in forestry, LVM announces a scholarship competition. LVM scholarships are awarded to university and college students studying in various fields, and Ogre Technical College students can also apply for special scholarships. The goal of granting LVM scholarships is not only to motivate students to develop their skills, but also to attract young specialists to LVM, increase the number of students and foster their desire to improve the quality of studies in the areas interesting LVM and support the development of science. 


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