14 • 11 • 2013

JSC Latvia’s State Forests receives Health Award

The Health Award was presented for the first time at the end of October. JSC Latvia’s State Forests received it in the category “Organizer of Children’s Sporting Events and Healthy Spare Time” for the company’s project Mammadaba.

To honour local governments and legislators, food producers and public organisations which promote a better understanding of public health, the Latvian Medical Association presents the Health Award in ten categories.

The award – a clay vase made by Latgale ceramists – was presented to the company by Latvian Medical Association board member, Professor Gunta Ancāne. “This is a genuine award made from authentic Latvian clay and presented for truly good deeds. In the category “Organizer of Children’s Sporting Events and Healthy Spare Time”, the award goes to JSC Latvia’s State Forests project Mammadaba, which is a sincere and clever project for children and adults, promoting an active lifestyle, acquiring knowledge, finding out who the true master of antlers is, the meaning of X-civilisation in forests and what Gulbju [Swan] Lake looks like.”

Edvīns Zakovics, JSC Latvia’s State Forests Forestry Deputy Director, admitted when receiving the award:  “It is a great honour and responsibility to receive this award. In early October, Tērvete Nature Park welcomed its 100,000th visitor. Among them was a family of five, one an infant. The park’s Pine Forest Witch had a conversation with the young couple, and it turned out that they had decided on the third child in Tērvete Nature Park while observing the Fairytale Train full of excited and happy kids. Tērvete Nature Park was also the first recreational site that the family visited together with its newborn baby. It certainly makes working worthwhile, when you hear such stories!”

The Latvian Medical Association in cooperation with JSC Olainfarm, LDz Ritosa sastava serviss LTD, Arbor Medical Korporācija LTD and several other companies establishes a new tradition – the Health Award. The Health Award is an opportunity to express gratitude to organisations, companies, specialists and active people who care for the health of Latvian residents.

Information prepared by LVM Communications Department.