5. Discover new perspective — Forest resource value modelling with Transdisciplinarity analysis

Presenter: Dagnija Blumberga (Dr.habil.sc.ing., professor, Latvia), Indra Muizniece (Dr.sc.ing., senior researcher, Latvia), Lauma Zihare (M.sc.ing.. Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Latvia) 

Description: Institute of Energy Systems and Environment (IESE) supports and promotes development of Bioeconomy and Sustainable development. Research and activities are closely related to innovative solutions for sustainable use of resources.

Objective of the workshop was to introduce the participants with holistic approach for forest resources identification, analysis and sustainable product value creation. Transdisciplinarity analysis allows to take into account wide range of factors and to obtain more objective and widely used results. After workshop, participants were able to use Transdisciplinarity analysis in the practice. Workshop offered new Methods for Forest Pedagogy and provided impulses for development of new content in schools.

Format: Workshop was organized inside as group work, presentations and discussions.