Verification of LVM forest management practice to the FSC certification standards is performed by the globally well know certification bodies: SCS Global Services, Soil Association Certification, SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA

FSC forest management certificates are granted to forest management regions of Dienvidlatgale (trademark licence code  FSC-C109954). Dienvidkurzeme (trademark licence code FSC-C109953), Ziemeļlatgale (trademark licence code FSC-C136825) and Austrumvidzeme (trademark licence code FSC-C136826).



JSC "Latvian State Forests" MS KPRP assumes control of the sources of timber (logging zones), also enforces and maintains the supply chain's requirements (trademark licence code FSC-C021123):

  • legally produces timber, according to national legislation (in accordance with current trade and customs law, as related to the forestry sector);
  • logging carried out in wooded areas, that do not infringe on human rights (as set in LR legislation), and where there is no significant conflict of interest  related to land ownership or land use rights. This includes a large number of stakeholders, where problem-solving is still pending between the parties involved;
  • prohibit logging in endangered areas where forest management measures can adversely affect natural wonders, whose identification is carried out in accordance with international and domestic law, and the company-developed environmental assessment procedures and requirements;
  • prohibit purchase of trees from areas converted to plantations or in areas not intended for use as a forest;
  • prohibit purchasing timber from forests where genetically-modified trees grow;
  • avoid breaching any of the ILO conventions set in the ILO Declaration "On Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work";
  • refrain from purchasing disputed timber (under PEFC standard requirements).


JSC LVM MS KPRP management and cooperation partners performance conditions:

  • does not employ persons under 15 years of age in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Law of the LR
  • does not use employees in forced labor
  • there is no discrimination in employment and choice of profession
  • does not prohibit, directly or indirectly, the freedom of association, the choice of representatives and the conduct of negotiations with the employer
  • ensures working conditions that do not endanger the health and safety of employees, in accordance with the requirements specified in the regulatory enactments of the LR and the procedures developed by LVM in the field of labor protection
  • ensures the preservation of biological diversity in the managed forests and, as far as possible, reduces the impact of economic activities on the environment, in accordance with the objectives of LVM Environmental Policy and Strategy