11. Designing eye-openers to grasp and comprehend the three dimensions of forests and sustainability

Presenter: Prof. Robert Vogl (Forest Highschool teacher) and Dirk Schmechel (forester and forest pedagogue, Germany)

Description: Very often forest pedagogues and teachers haven't yet put into practice the idea of ESD (Education for sustainable development) because it’s a theoretical and a bit bulky concept and term. On the other hand forest pedagogues want and must contribute to ESD. So we need eye-openers to make this difficult wording smart and fetching. Therefore, the experiences of the teachers might help to question existing communication about sustainable forest management. And together we want to use the chance as mixed group and “tandem – teacher – forester” to design new accesses.

Format:  Outdoor workshop! Location - parc nearby. Participants: 50% teachers – 50 % foresters/forest pedagogues.

30 minutes: Gaming and experiencing – as introduction two activities about how to open eyes on the dimensions of sustainability and forests/forestry are shown and played. 

30 minutes: Discussing and collecting data about other existing eye-openers that the particpants have already  practiced.

One hour: Designing and creating- new possibilities of eye-openers together, by using the tandem of teacher-forester in creative group – work are developed.