20 • 12 • 2018

Have a Wonderful Christmas Time!

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Christmas is a tradition-rich holiday. Every family has its own Christmas atmosphere and activities. Most of us cannot imagine this time of the year without the search and decoration of the Christmas tree, the gathering of the family and belief in the miracle; this is also a perfect time for a beautiful walk in nature. JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) invites everyone to capture the festive feeling in well-kept recreational facilities and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature and fresh forest air also during the winter solstice and the turn of the year.

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Dwarfs and miracles in Latvia's State Forests Nature Park in Tērvete

Wooden sculptures from Anna Brigadere's works and real dwarfs with hats and bright mittens have traditionally been welcoming both young and old nature friends in Latvia's State Forests Nature Park in Tērvete. For many families, visiting the Park has become a traditional part of their holidays. On 25 and 26 December from 12am to 4pm, the Dwarf Mother invites everyone to join her in songs and games. In turn, in the new Dwarfs' Town "Cones" dwarfs will continue to build and improve their town. "Snow in the Nature Park in Tērvete makes this fairy-tale kingdom even more wonderful during this winter solstice. At dusk, a carousel of colourful lights takes over the pine tree tops and the wooden bridge - laboratory in Tērvete. The special carrier of light - the Park train - will also run during the Christmas time and help visitors reach their destination faster," says Lilita Kauste, Head of the Tourism Information Centre at the Nature Park in Tērvete. The Park has also arranged a small gift for its guests - an opportunity to climb up Tērvete observation tower at no extra charge.

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The Moss Trail with the village boys

Not far from Skrīveri Dendrological Park, a new environmental object - an island with a bridge illuminated with solar energy - has been opened. Solar batteries accumulate energy during daylight to give light when it is dark. The Moss Trail is also nearby. "This year, we renovated the footpaths of the trail to make walks safe and comfortable. Here, visitors will be welcomed by the boys from the novel "The Boys of Moss Village" by Andrejs Upītis who have been turned into exciting wooden sculptures," says Jānis Belickis, Head of Forest Management Planning of LVM Vidusdaugava Region.

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Sunset in LVM Pokaiņi Forest

LVM Pokaiņi Forest invites everyone to enjoy the festive atmosphere by watching the play of the light and darkness in the forest. During the winter solstice and at the turn of the year, let us indulge into a fantasy of the future, remembering the past. That's why on 22 December, LVM Pokaiņi Forest will host a celebration to enjoy the magic of the present moment. From 2pm to 5pm, there will be creative activities for children together with the bunny Brencis and the mouse Pīkstīte. In turn, at 3pm, there will be a fire ritual at the ziggurat mountain.

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Also in the other more than 350 well-maintained recreational sites of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" all over Latvia it is possible to see and explore the unseen, discover the unknown or just relax and have a good time. We would like to remind everyone to wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions, to take care of their own safety and safety of others, to maintain cleanliness and not to litter in the forest.

JSC "Latvia's State Forests" wishes each and every one to have a happy and heartfelt celebration, and inspiration and success in the New Year!