19 • 12 • 2018

LVM Mining Sites Continue Extraction of Mineral Materials and Their Mixtures


karjers ziema 1

Despite the arrival of snow and frost throughout the territory of Latvia, the mining sites of JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) continue extraction of minerals from the layer as well as from the stacks of prepared mixtures.

Currently, due to the dry autumn, in the absence of long-term frost and deep snow, at sites where there is no extraction from water, it is also possible to carry out controlled production of mixtures of mineral substances in accordance with the 2+ regulatory sphere system for construction products in accordance with standard EN 13242: 2002 + A1:2007 “Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction”.

Production of mixtures of mineral materials takes place at the following sites:

  • Mining site “Deviņziedi”, Balvi Municipality, Krišjāņi Rural Territory, where mixture of minerals 0/32s is produced;
  • Mining site “Ošinieki”, Jēkabpils Municipality, Ābeļi Rural Territory, where crushed mixture of minerals is produced.

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Please follow the information and offer published on the website.

LVM manages more than 100 mining sites located in the whole territory of the company, both “deep in the forest” and closer to populated areas. Locations have been carefully selected so as not to endanger the environment, but at the same time meet the needs of the company and the economy for mineral materials and their mixtures.