14 • 12 • 2018

The New Mother Nature Magazine Invites Everyone to Celebrate Winter in Forest

md ziema

In the wake of the winter, this year’s fourth “Mother Nature” (Mammadaba) magazine “Celebration in the Forest” (Svētki mežā) has been released, and this edition calls on everyone to go out and celebrate winter in forest. Regardless of whether the ground is covered with a white snow cover or not, winter offers a lot of exciting adventures, despite its dark and long evenings.

Suitable clothing, warm drink in a thermos flask - a good start for an adventure from morning light till evening dusk. For example, enjoying a walk in Dunika Mire near Liepāja. If you visit Vidzeme, you can take a peaceful walk along the beach, or you can visit the only forest museum in the northern part of Latvia, and maybe warm up a little in LVM Vijciems cone-seed nursery. It is a place where using more than 100-year-old equipment seeds are produced for new forest stands.

Jānis Jubalts, a member of the rock band “Prāta vētra”, tells about his favourite places in nature, including Latvia's State Forests Nature Park in Tērvete. Perhaps musician's experience will make the readers of the magazine head for an exciting and active day in nature.

After such intense activities, one has to have a decent lunch. Everything tastes better in nature, and Renārs Purmalis, the host of the programme “Gatavo dabā!” (Cook in Nature), offers not only tasty recipes, but also practical tips on how to make cooking in forest as comfortable and exciting as possible.

Winter is a time of miracles and sincerity, a time when families come together creating new traditions. And there is always the scent of a Christmas tree in the air. In some homes, Christmas tree will be brought from forest, while in others it will grow in a pot to continue growing in a field once Christmas is over.

It is never too late to learn new things or to return to the old traditions, such as Christmas decorations and mask making from natural materials. Making reed and straw ornaments is a great way to spend your time with family and children.

“Mother Nature” magazine “Celebration in the Forest” urges everyone to head for an adventure and celebrate the winter!