10 • 12 • 2018

A Festive Joy - a Christmas Tree in a Pot

eglite podina

Finding the Christmas tree is an important Christmas event. Finding the right and unique Christmas tree that delights and creates the Christmas feeling can be a tough task. The Embassy of Latvia's State Forests can give a helping hand, offering a wide selection of high-quality Christmas trees in pots grown in nurseries of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM). Each of them will fill the dwelling with a Christmas scent; besides, the trees are well-tended and planted in the field in spring, and will grow for many years.

"The greatest value of the works made by Latvian craftsmen, in my opinion, is their uniqueness and the warmth of thoughts that the author incorporates, when creating these works. Festive decorations made of natural materials are becoming increasingly popular, substituting the artificial and impersonal gimcrackery. And what can be better than a living, growing and always fragrant Christmas tree," says Līga Urtāne, consultant at the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests. She welcomes visitors of the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests every day, telling and showing, helping to find just the right gifts to make this time of the year full of discoveries and miracles.

egle pods

Right next to the LVM Embassy, there is "a garden" of Christmas trees that brings together smaller and larger Christmas trees of different shades of green. "We have a very wide selection of varieties of different kinds of Christmas trees, and everyone will find their tree here," says Līga, "but it should be remembered that for a Christmas tree to continue to go green and keep growing after Christmas, it must be provided with enough moisture and a cool place." The time that the Christmas tree spends in the room should be as short as possible, and it is recommended to avoid rapid temperature changes.

"Some people prefer Christmas trees of traditional shape and colour, appreciating that it will continue to grow at home or in the countryside and will become an outdoor Christmas tree for the coming years; however, there are also those who choose a dome-shaped cylinder or other unusual shapes and colours," the representative of the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests commented on the demand for Christmas trees in pots. She has also noticed that there is a number of people who return to the LVM Embassy every year to purchase new Christmas trees in pots to be presented to their relatives and friends as gifts, or to supplement their own gardens. There are even some who set up special Christmas tree gardens.

If you like small and pyramidal shapes, you can choose the Canadian fir tree 'Daisy's White', the height of which will not need to be limited, as it reaches about 2 m in height, and this tree is also suitable for small backyard gardens. There is also the Serbian spruce variety 'Nana' with silver-coloured needles and the Korean white fir tree 'Silberlocke' with silvery-freckled needles. Snake branch Norway spruce is a particularly interesting tree the branches of which are less dense and resemble snakes.

If you want to plant your own Christmas tree to be decorated annually in winter solstice, it is advisable to choose a tree of smaller species. One of the most suitable species is the Picea abies, the so-called Dundaga's juniper spruce. It is one of the most beautiful spruce varieties of local origin with a sharply conical, compact, slightly ragged crown. The tree reaches a height of 3.5 m and a width of 2 m. Needles are light green, shiny. 'Dundanga’ is an early-flowering breed that grows slowly. It is important to take care that late spring frosts do not damage young shoots. The trees of this breed are able to adapt to different growing conditions, they prefer moist, nutritious soil.

If you want to create and enjoy a variety of colours in the garden in the spring, you can choose green fir trees, the young shoots of which are in a bright yellow colour such as 'Aurea Magnifica', 'Acrocona' or pink, such as 'Roseospica'.  In its turn, 'Barrryi' fir tree sprouts with a conic crown have distinctly dark green branches.

Meet you at the Embassy of Latvia's State Forests (1 Vaiņodes Street, Riga) on working days from 9 to 17 and on Saturdays from 9 to 15. Have a wonderful and miraculous Christmas!