12 • 12 • 2018

Villains Damage the Recreation Site at the Big Boulder of Nīcgale

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Each year, JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) sets up new and maintains existing recreation areas throughout the territory of Latvia, one of which - the recreation site at the Big Boulder of Nīcgale - was devastated by villains on the night of 9 December. When it comes to preserving resting places, LVM invites residents to be responsible and not to damage the infrastructure created in the forests, as well as to inform the police and LVM employees about any violation they see.

The tall eight-corner wooden canopy, benches and other elements of the wooden infrastructure were damaged or broken. The police have been informed about the violation, and have commenced investigation to find the perpetrators to bring them to justice.

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Photo: The popular recreation site in the autumn of 2018

The largest stone in Latvia - the Big Boulder of Nīcgale - is full of legends and stories; it is a popular tourist attraction in Latgale, Daugavpils Municipality, Nīcgale Rural Territory. It brings together people to various cultural and recreational activities all year round. For many decades, LVM recreation place created next to the Big Boulder of Nīcgale has been very popular among school students and other visitors.

LVM develops, improves and maintains more than 350 important pubic sites in different places in Latvia: sightseeing facilities, recreation areas, trails, observation towers and parks, offering Latvian residents and guests various recreation opportunities free of charge.