27 • 12 • 2017

LVM Senior Environmental Expert Uģis Bergmanis Receives "Latvijas Lepnums 2017" Award

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 Photo: Aivars Liepiņš, newspaper "Diena"

Already for the 14th time, the "Latvijas lepnums" (Latvia's Pride) Award has been presented to people who with their work and warmth have changed the lives of people around them and given their contribution for the entire society in Latvia. This year, the Award in the nomination "Dabas draugs" (Nature Friend) was presented to Uģis Bergmanis, Senior Environmental Expert of JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM).

Uģis is known as a passionate eagle explorer who has been engaged in research of lesser spotted eagle already since his school years. Uģis is not only LVM Senior Environmental Expert, but also the coordinator of the lesser spotted eagle monitoring programme. In 2014, at his home in Barkava Municipality the expert established the first bird rehabilitation station in Latvia, where injured birds can get help to recover and return to nature.

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Photo: Aivars Liepiņš, newspaper "Diena"

In 2008, Uģis launched a bird-watching video project, where every internet user has the opportunity to keep track of events taking place in a nest of lesser spotted eagles.

The lesser spotted eagle is among the most endangered eagle species in the world, but in Latvia these birds feel relatively well and continue nesting. In order to preserve the eagle population, the expert together with his peers created artificial nests and rang eagles, which makes it possible to follow the nesting habits of these birds.

"Latvijas lepnums" is an award presented for selfless help to people. For the first time the prize - a stylised golden apple tree - was presented in 2004.