04 • 12 • 2017

The Winners of "Zelta čiekurs" Annual Forestry Awards have been Announced

zelta ciekurs

Last week, forest industry representatives gathered at Vidzeme Concert Hall "Cēsis" to greet the winners of "Zelta čiekurs 2017" (Golden Cone 2017) Annual Awards. The awards were presented already for the 14th time.

In the nomination "Contribution to Public Education" the award was presented to LVM School Education Programme "Learning about Forest" implemented by Līga Abizāre, Anda Sproģe, Kaspars Riže and Tomass Kotovičs. Almost 20 thousand children and young people from all over Latvia have acquired new knowledge and skills within the framework of this programme.

In the nomination "Innovative Entrepreneurship", SIA “Amber Wood” (Jaunsvirlauka Rural Territory) and LVM Mazsili Nursery received the Small Golden Cone, while SIA “Rīgas Krēslu fabrika” was awarded the Great Golden Cone.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as Certificates of Recognition of the Cabinet of Ministers, Honorary Diplomas and chest badge “Zelta sēkliņa” (Golden Seed) were  presented to timber producer Juris Emsiņš, the experienced employee of Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava" Jānis Smilga, forest owner Arnis Vairis Balodis, Forest Resources Information Systems specialist Jānis Uzulis and forest manager Dainis Blūmentāls.

The winners of the competition "The Best Maintained Forest" were also announced in the ceremony. The Great Golden Cone was awarded to forest owner Māris Bērziņš from Ciecere Rural Territory, while the Small Golden Cones were presented to Kārlis Martinsons from Limbaži Rural Territory and Guntis Vībāns from Zasa Rural Territory.

The forest industry annual award "Zelta čiekurs" is among the most significant events in the forest industry. It was established by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with JSC "Latvia's State Forests" (LVM), as well as other forest sector companies and public organisations.

"Zelta čiekurs" annual awards embody simplicity, openness and beauty of the Latvian forests. There is no better way how to express love for the forest, just as there is no better prize to reward the work done for the Latvian forests.