15 • 12 • 2015

Finding a Christmas tree with a mobile app

 AE D 070273

Those Latvian residents who are planning to look for a Christmas tree in territories managed by JSC “Latvian State Forests” are free to use a special guide – mobile application “LVM Meža kartes” (LVM Forest Maps), which will ensure that questions about one's location or way out of the forest be redundant.

LVM Forest Maps offers an opportunity to check maps in online mode or download them directly on the device, furthermore, when using GPS, to precisely follow one's location when in Latvian state forests. LVM forest districts are marked with a bright-green color, but forest roads – with orange. Furthermore, the application offers an opportunity to create routes. In order to reach a desired location, one must mark a point on the map, and the application will offer directions to the specific location using the device's navigation software.

Online mode shows Latvia's territory on a 1:10 000 scale map. Offline maps, on the other hand, are available in scales  1:75 000 and 1: 35 000. Some specific map districts can be downloaded in more detailed scales –  1:20 000 and 1:10 000.

The application's map is also used on mammadaba.lv and lvm.lv websites, offering an opportunity to enable or disable information about LVM tourism objects, recreational places, and nature trails.

Requirements for downloading the app:

  • smartphone with Android 4.1/iOS 6.0 (or newer version);
  • GPS support, in order to orientate oneself in the territory.

Application “LVM MEŽA KARTES” is available on Google Play and Itunes stores.