16 • 12 • 2015

Latest issue of Mammadaba magazine “LAUŽAM LEDU” out

lauzam ledu


This time out, Mammadaba magazine (“Laužam ledu”) compels readers to “break the ice” and indulge in activities never enjoyed before, or to revive hobbies that are strictly for winter: invigorating swimming, ice fishing “tricks of the trade”, athletic activities with snow slippers or ice skates.

Aleksandrs Jakovļevs, a winter swimmer from Jelgava, teaches to train oneself and improve health by committing to swimming also during winter. Ice must be broken also when going ice fishing – the magazine reveals places with the largest perches and biggest zanders, and lists things that one must remember when ice fishing.

When the weather becomes cold and the ground white, going outdoors to enjoy active recreation is a must. Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in Latvia; even the Vikings of long ago loved it! Skiing activities can take place practically anywhere in state forests, but especially on tracks designated for cross-country skiing, cycling, and orienteering competitions in Smiltene forests, Niedrājs Lake vicinity, and Skaņākalna Nature Park. Meanwhile, Anete Brice reveals not only her favorite tracks in Latvia, but describes the forest overall as a revered treasure in her life.

Anyone interested in cross-country skiing – both children and adults – can participate in a “Mammadaba skiing event”, but if one prefers relaxed strolls, then a walk in “snow slippers” can turn out to be a real adventure. The important thing is to not stay home, as winter offers so many opportunities.

It is also important to remember the main event of December –  the Solstice. Let’s set a holiday table also for birds and forest dwellers – it’s the right thing to do! This season as well, the senses can feel the Yuletide by bringing in something from an LVM forest; the magazine tells about prerequisities that must be followed when looking for and cutting down a fir or spruce. Christmas trees bought at an LVM tree nursery can be planted in the garden to bring joy not just for one holiday season. Furthermore, the magazine's workshop teaches how to make holiday decorations from natural materials for a real feel of the forest in the home.

JSC “Latvian State Forests” has been issuing its magazine for eight years already. Articles include information about the most popular LVM recreation sites, nature trails, bog pathways, towers, caves, lakes, trees, and other findings in the forest.

LVM wishes everyone an active and magical time in welcoming the New Year!