04 • 12 • 2015

Christmas shop of scents and emotions

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“Is this the place where I can find the beautiful shop?” this according to customer, who recently opened the doors of the “LVM Sēklas un Stādi” (“LVM Seeds and Seedlings”) eco-shop. Accompanied by her husband, the woman came to witness and choose her favorite holiday decorations – an Advent wreath, a pine cone pot, and Christmas tree baubles made from natural materials.“The scents, the emotions! – they are the greatest value among the Yuletide decorations that can be found in this store, and it is an aspect hard to find nowadays. And it truly is alive here!” , according to Solveiga, an overseer of Jelgava Market Square. She gladly recommends the most suitable decorations and ways how they should be stored

JSC “Latvian State Forests” (LVM) main office at 1 Vaiņodes Street has opened a winter solstice shop, where people can buy various and unique decorations made by artisans from Smiltene Tree Nursery and LVM Kalsnava Arboretum. Some of the decorations include a pine cone pot for storing useful or tasty things, traditional and practical jewelry with an unconventional and special look – Advent wreaths made of white fir needles or tightly interlaced smaller and larger pine cones, as well as ethnic folk ornaments made from straw ( like, the ceiling-hanging mobile called puzurs).

Unique features in each wreath are courtesy of the black alder cones, juniper berries, chestnuts, acorns and acorn cupules, nut clusters, walnuts, moss, rhododendron, tree peony, and flower pods, shelf fungi, white fir cone scales, and other miracles growing at the tree nursery.

The shop's merchandise expands with every day, offering increasingly more unique items. The shop also offers fir-trees in a pot.

The woman chose guelder-rose seeds and spindle fruit balls for her Christmas tree, as it will gather the entire family this year.

We wish you beautiful and magical Christmas!