09 • 12 • 2015

Modern technology in the hands of the work force

SAM 1192

Forest management would be impossible today without multifunctional machinery and tools. In order to ensure fast exchange of information and precise gathering of data, JSC “Latvian State Forests” plans to acquire convenient and functional devices to facilitate forestry, logging, and planning. The plan is to replace the several existing with a single “industrial tablet”, which is not only rainproof, heatproof, and shockproof, but also offers functions that are required for a complete and efficient operations in forests, for example, logical control of input data.

Due to specific attributes and high endurance, this tablet is said to be an “industrial” tablet. It should be equipped with a powerful processor, high accuracy global positioning system, large size of random access memory, 4G mobile network support, GNSS system, and other modern features of a decent work computer. In addition to Windows 8 or an analogous operating system, it should also be equipped with the GEO geographic information system developed by LVM. The system's mobile version GEODS offers a feature, which allows to enter the necessary specifications of a specific forest district.

Thanks to this touchscreen tablet, LVM employees will be able to synchronize all specifications with the company's central data base upon returning to the office, so that other area specialists avoid mistakes due to lack of information when simultaneously planning something at a specific location.

Neither rain, nor frost an obstacle

This device has increased protection against external environmental effects (IP65 standard), namely, its casing is dustproof, and it can endure strong water jets under pressure, which means that the tablet also works in rain. Furthermore, this device also complies with military requirements (MIL-STD 810G standard), namely, it can be used outdoors at temperatures from -10 to +30 degrees, and its casing is comparatively resistant against shocks, which can occur during transportation or when accidentally dropping the device on the ground. But in case this happens, all data are automatically saved on an extensive memory card (eMMC). “Compliance with these standards, which are not necessarily needed for casual users, increase the device's costs, however, one must understand that the device includes numerous tools that are required for the job,” says Ivars Kalmuks, the head of LVM's manufacturing program.

Larger screen

At the moment, the company's employees utilize several devices, among which is also a GPS system with a small screen, furthermore, the operating system not always ensured data synchronization, and the weight of the device was comparatively large. According to the plan, the new device, in terms of weight, will be slightly heavier due to its large screen, however, an employee will no longer be required to hold it with hands, as the new device can be easily carried with a shoulder strap or placed in a designated bag.

It is said that the first ones to receive the new tablets will be wood product manufacturing and supply planning specialists.