03 • 12 • 2015

Youth sport winners congratulated


The end of the year is when we look back on past events and evaluate achievements, as well as set new goals for the coming year. Students and coaches from Latvian sports schools and clubs (teams) gathered on December 2 for the third year in a row to greet and congratulate winners of the 2015 Latvian Youth Sports event, supported by JSC “Latvian State Forest” (LVM).Weightlifting, figure skating, BMX, beach volleyball, canoe rowing, javelin throwing – these are only some of the sports where young athletes demonstrated excellent results in both European and global level tournaments.“We have been supporting young people for several years already. We are truly grateful for their high athletic achievement not only in European level tournaments, but also in global championships. We wish for them to strive for even higher scores when facing athletic challenges. The important thing is setting one's goal and tirelessly heading toward it,” said Inga Pētersone, the head of LVM Internal Communications Department.

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Žoržs Tikmers, Secretary General of the Latvian Olympic Committee, thanked the young athletes, especially praising the work their coaches put in. Congratulating five directors of sports schools, they were commended for significant contributions to youth sports and the Olympic movement.

In 2015, JSC “Latvian State Forests” donated EUR 2 million to facilitation of sports development, entrusting the distribution of funds to cooperation partners of athletic fields. Next year, the donation will be distributed among five sports organizations: Sports Federation Council of Latvia, Latvian Olympic Committee, Team Sports Games Association of Latvia, Latvian Paralymic Committee, and Directors' Council of Latvian Sports Education Institutions.