06 • 12 • 2012

Christmas trees from state forests

A decorated Christmas tree is an integral part of any Christmas celebration. Continuing a long-standing tradition, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” remains forthcoming to Latvian residents, allowing one fir-tree to be chopped down for personal use.

When heading out into state forests, it is necessary to remember that only fir-trees with trunk diameters of at least 12 centimetres, which usually corresponds to two to three metre tall for trees, can be felled. You may pick your Christmas tree on firebreaks, ditch slopes, under power lines and other communications. In these areas, fir-trees have better access to light and as a result are darker with denser branches.


It is strictly forbidden to cut down fir-trees in young forest stands, where they are specifically planted to revitalize and bring beauty to state forests in the future.


State forests are scattered across Latvia and lie among various private, municipal and other forests. To prevent any conflicts, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” urges residents to verify the owners of forests they enter before cutting down fir-trees and gathering their branches. Even though the safest way is to ask in “JSC Latvia’s State Forests” forestries, it is also possible to view state forests at www.mammadabakarte.lv.

Many families chose another, environmentally-friendlier option. Instead of chopping down a tree, they purchase them in pots in JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” plant nurseries.