06 • 12 • 2012

Snow and ice damage state forests

Last weekend’s weather conditions, i.e. sleet in Latvia’s eastern regions, have caused damage to forests. Young trees have been bent irreversibly and treetops have been snapped off under the weight of ice and snow.

Operational data indicate that around 75,000 cubic metres may be scathed in Northern Latgale Forestry. State forests have suffered the most in the vicinity of Rēzekne, where 50,000 cubic metres of woods have been felled, trunks bent or likewise damaged - mostly coniferous trees or their groups. More of the same is in the weather forecast. At the moment, roads are being cleared and the stricken areas surveyed. Work is also in progress to deal with the damaged timber.


JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” Silviculture Director Mārtiņš Gūtmanis: “The survey of damage and its clean-up in Northern Latgale Forestry will be a priority at the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013”.