13 • 08 • 2009

European Logging Championship: Latvian Team in Top Three


















At the end of July, in the Province of Luxembourg, Belgium the European Logging Championship was held. In team rankings, in the competition of 10 teams, the Latvian National Team conclusively ranked third, just a little lagging behind the champion and the runner-up teams: Estonia and Germany. Other countries participating the Championship were United Kingdom, France, Luxemburg and Belgium, totally 22 participants in the adult class.

Teams competed in 5 events: tree felling, fitting another chain, bucking by combined cut, precision bucking and limbing.

The participants of the Latvian Team were Gatis Brencis, Gvido Ķepītis, Edmunds Krišāns and the beginner junior Mārtiņš Ķepītis. The individual rankings of the Latvian Team members both, in separate events and the overall evaluation were really praiseworthy. Gatis Berencis from Smiltene gained 1592 points which ensured him the 3rd place in the total sum of all events giving in only to two German competitors.