23 • 07 • 2009

"Latvijas Valsts meži" Planning to Invest 3.5 Million Lats in Forest Regeneration and Tending

Over the first 6 months of 2009, AS “Latvijas valsts meži” has carried out forest regeneration in the area of 10.7 thousand ha (forest planting, sowing and enhancing of natural regeneration). Agro-technological tending of the previously regenerated areas in the amount of 0.6 thousand ha has also taken place over this period and 5.9 thousand ha of the young stands have been tended.

The above works have absorbed 960 thousand lats. The forest regeneration and tending operations are currently very successful and a little ahead of the planned working timetable. On the whole, the company is planning to regenerate 11.5 thousand ha of forest as well as carry out agro-technological tending operations in the area of 18.1 thousand ha and tending of young stands in the area of 20.5 thousand ha.

Edvīns Zakovics, the Director of LVM Mežs, a department of AS “Latvijas valsts meži” says: “The operations related to forest regeneration are the first and therefore the most critical stage for growing of high quality forests in future. This is why we do not reduce the regeneration-related operation volumes this year despite the grave financial conditions.”

The total amount of funds invested in regeneration works in 2009 will amount to 3.5 million lats.