12 • 05 • 2009

Fishermen to set new records

Finally, the moment all fishermen have been waiting for is here: 1st May was the starting day for fishing from the boat, including fishing in the lakes managed by AS Latvijas valsts meži (LVM): Lake Kaņiera, Lake Zebrus, Lake Lielauces and Lake Gulbju. The only fishing site which requires a little waiting is the Tērvete Reservoir, where the fishing season will open in a month. These water bodies offer every prospect of a good catch, as the lakes managed by LVM not only provide fishing opportunities, but also have had their fish stock supplemented on a regular basis since 2002. During these past years, three million pike larvae, 20 thousand of young eels, 40 thousand of young pike perches, 10 thousand of annual pike perches and 10 thousand of one-year pickerels have been released into LVM lakes.

Young fish released into the lakes over the recent years have now grown up and become available to every fisherman, therefore even the most experienced of them will not be disappointed with the catch. Previous years’ records speak for themselves.

Record-breaking catches have been registered in these water bodies for several years.

For example, the biggest catch in Lake Glubju (Spāre) was a pike of 11 kg.

The Tērvete Reservoir is home to crayfish and huge carps. The biggest carp caught weighed 10 kg.

Lake Zebrus is famous for its pike perch. The record catch was 10 kg.

Lake Lielauces abounds in perch, pike and crayfish. The record weight of the largest perch caught was 1 kg 200 g.
Continuing the tradition of the past years, LVM calls for a competition on the largest fish caught. This year, the competition starts on 1st May and ends on 31st October.

Fish of one certain species will be evaluated in each lake: the carp in the Tērvete Reservoir, the perch in Lake Lielauces and the pike in Lake Kaņiera and Lake Gulbju.

Starting from 1st June, when fishing of the pike perch is allowed, Lake Zebrus abounding in this species will join in the competition.

In the course of competition, the biggest fish caught is evaluated on a monthly basis, while the top results of the whole season are summarized in October.

If you are lucky to have caught a big fish, find the lake supervisor and weigh in, register and take photo of your catch together with him. At the end of the month, the winner gets the award: the right to use a boat one day for free, while the winner of the year may use a boat five days for free.
Remember to take your Fisherman’s Card with you and buy the licence, otherwise your record will not be taken into consideration.


For the convenience of fishermenThe water bodies managed by AS Latvijas valsts meži offer everything you may need for a successful fishing experience: accessible parking lots, boats for rent, comfortable leisure sites and overnight accommodation. If you have some free time, you can stay out at the lake with your friends and family and rent a small cottage at the Tērvete Reservoir or Lake Zebrus or even a two-storey holiday house at Lake Glubju in Spāre.