03 • 10 • 2008

Malaysian Delegation visits LVM

At the end of September, the JSC Latvijas valsts meži hosted representatives of the Malaysian private company SABAH FOREST INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD operating in the tropical rainforests’ industry.


 This company, involved in pulp and paper business, raises eucalyptus and acacia plantations. SABAH FOREST INDUSTRIES have set a goal to create the best nursery in the world, expected to market 40 million saplings per year. Therefore the company explores innovative technologies in this field over the whole world. To get a detailed insight into the cycle of sapling cultivation in Latvia, the Malaysian entrepreneurs visited the seed production facility and studied the acquisition, processing and storage of seeds, as well as all cycles of sapling cultivation in Strenči and Podiņi nurseries, which are among the most advanced in Europe. We hope that upon leaving Latvia, the faraway visitors took many ideas with them, enabling them to select the most suitable ones and define a vision of creating the best nursery in Malaysia and on Borneo Island.