24 • 08 • 2007


AS “Latvijas valsts meži” (LVM, Joint stock company Latvian State Forests) council had informed the Agriculture Ministry about the company’s activities in the first half of this year.

The results show that LVM turnover in this period had reached 75.7 million lats. 2.37 million cubic metres of timber have been sold. 40% of it is supplied without brokers to Latvian timber industry enterprises.

To provide a sustainable forest management there is much done on forest tending and regeneration. Underwood tending is done in 8827 hectares (ha), growing stock management done in 9800 ha and that had yielded 0.489 million cubic metres of timber. The forest planting plan of LVM has been completely fulfilled in the amount of 6.7 thousand ha. In addition to artificial forest regeneration (forest planting) natural regeneration of forest has also been done. This year 93% of the planned amount of forest plants, that is 30.6 million pieces, were sold in 6 months. Furthermore, a substantial part was sold abroad, where LVM plants are as highly appreciated as they are in Latvia. This year LVM sold 9.8 million plants to forest owners, including 1.3 million sold in Sweden and Lithuania.

100% shares of LVM belong to the Republic of Latvia and the Agriculture Ministry holds the shares.