16 • 12 • 2007


The Ministry for Children and Family Affairs has granted to the State Stock Company “Latvia’s Sate Forests” the status of “A Family- Friendly Entrepreneur”.

In order to obtain the status of “A Family- Friendly Entrepreneur”, the premises of the company should meet the children’s needs, it should support organising activities for families or charity, and also the services it provides should be widely accessible to families with children, both as regards the pricing policy and the company’s working hours. The Ministry for Children and Family Affairs launched this campaign at the beginning of the year to reinforce family values and to improve living and working environment, making it more suitable for families. The status is granted for two years, and then it is reassessed.

This is not the only award characterising the company’s family-friendly policy. Tērvete Nature Park, which is managed by the State Stock Company “Latvia’s State Company”, is already the winner of the prize “The Most Family- Friendly Place in Latvia”.