01 • 11 • 2007

Mother Nature Calls

From 29 October to 25 November together with your classmates take part in the tour competition at the Mother Nature path of the paths and all together set out on an unforgettable trip.

Would you like to set out on a night hike or boil the freshly caught crayfish on the campfire? Would you like to listen to exciting stories or to ride bikes along the sea?


Mother Nature and draugiem.lv have organized a super tour competition for Year 1–12 form pupils. To participate in the competition, the class team has to place at draugiem.lv their detailed tour plan and the approximate expenses. The winners will be determined by voting of the draugiem.lv users.


The prizes will be awarded in three age groups: primary school, elementary school and secondary school. Winners of the first places in their age groups will receive financing to implement their tour plans. Winners of the second and third places will receive consolation prizes from Mother Nature and draugiem.lv.