10 • 09 • 2007

The annual Mushroom Gathering Championship

On 15 September in Tome there will take place the third consecutive Latvian Mushroom Gathering Championship, organized by the Museum of Nature, the Forest and the Food technology faculties of the Latvian University of Agriculture, the JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” forestry “Vidusdaugavas”.


The participants will be able to register until 9:45 and the massed start will be declared at 10:00.

The mushroom gathering competition will be between several teams. Each team will consist of three members. The team and individual results will be evaluated. the competition shall be governed by the principle of fair play and the contestants will not be allowed to gather the mushrooms in advance or to use the help of any assistants or supporting equipment.

The total gathering time shall be 2 hours. The team results shall be calculated by weighing the mushroom gather of each individual participant. The team gather shall consist of the total gather of all the team members. During the weighing the referee shall inspect the quality of the mushrooms (only the mushrooms without worms and mechanical additions shall be scored).

After weighing the gathers of all the participants, they will be able to get back their collected mushrooms.

During the event, the mushroom gatherers’ fashion show shall be organized where famous Latvian fashion designers will evaluate the clothing of the participants. A separate prize will be awarded for the most attractive team uniform.