30 • 10 • 2006


After the intensive fishing season more than 3000 two-year-old pike-perches were  released into the ZebrusLakemanaged by Latvijas Valsts Meži joint-stock company.

The survival rate of such fish is significantly greater in comparison with one-month-old  young which are usually used in order to increase lake fish reserves. Therefore it is safe to say that when the fish grows up it will become available for every fisherman. ZebrusLakeis one of a few lakes in Latviawhere pike-perch  thrive. As Viesturs Endziņš, the lake supervisor, said the biggest catch this year was 6.4 kgbut the ZebrusLakerecord is 9.5-kg pike-perch. Egils Ozols, the director of “Mammdaba”, which is the structural unit of Latvijas Valsts Meži joint-stock company, reminds us that the company cares about fishermen’s catches by letting thousands of  young into its lakes every year. This year LVM employees let 100 thousand pike young into Zebrus Lake, 50 thousand into Lielauces Lake, 200 thousand into Kaņiera Lake and 50 thousand – into the Tērvetes (Gulbju) reservoir. In autumn the replenishment of fish reserves will continue in all lakes. On Friday 2000 150-gramme pike  young will be let into the ZebrusLake. Latvijas Valsts Mežioffer a number of recreation activities for both families and companies by its lakes starting with fishing and fish soup and ending with an opportunity to arrange bigger sport and recreation events.