07 • 12 • 2005


Tervete Nature Park has been granted the award from the State Agency of the Development of Tourism for the best new NATURE TOURISM product of the year 2005.  

The Tervete Nature Park has earned such a recognition thanks to the new hostess of the Witch Coniferous Forest – a little witch who was welcoming very attractively all the visitors of the park during the autumn. The possibility to share various wise ideas and advices with the little witch, to strengthen one’s health applying the advices of the Witch in preparation of herb teas, the healing hare’s droppings and the restorative Tervete coniferous forest air was accepted with pleasure both by adults and youngsters. As the director of Tervete Nature Park Normunds Namnieks tells, besides the little Witch, this year many new and interesting health and recreation objects have been developed, and for this reason the number of visitors has been very big.


Next year from May 1st till September 30 it is planned to ensure once more the possibility in Tervete Nature Park to meet a live Witch, joined by other live fairy tale characters – dwarves who will guide the visitors of the park in the mysterious fairy tale forest.


This year TerveteNatureParkreceived one more award – as the winner of the competition “The friendliest place for a family in Latvia” also. The competition was organized by the Ministry of Children and Families of the Republic of Latvia in co-operation with Delfi Internet portal, where every visitor of the site had the possibility to vote for the most pleasant and convenient place for recreation together with a family in Latvia.

Tervete Nature Park since long ago has been one of the most popular places of tourists in Latvia, characterized by picturesque landscapes, rich history of culture, valuable memorials of ancient times, as well as the heritage of the writer Anna Brigadere. A wide network of pedestrian paths with many small bridges, stairs, children’s playgrounds and wood sculptures of the fairy tale characters is spread out in the nature.

Besides that, there is an option to rent a bicycle, a possibility for bird watchers to enjoy it from a bird cabin in the lake, to enjoy fishing, and to rent boats and water-skies. Those visitors who wish to stay longer in the park are welcome to use the sites for tents and campfire, sports grounds and recreation cabins.