01 • 12 • 2005

German Citizen gives approving voice for hunting possibilities in Latvia

The newspaper ‘Latvijas avīze’ states that foreign hunters really gladly chose Latvia. They are attrected by our, in many places, virgin nature, wild animals, divercity of game resources, improving living conditions and, of course, service prices, which compairing to other hunting places in Europe seem to them very acceptable and are in price range of any middle-class Western citizen.

The newspaper publishes an interview with German citizen Nikolaus Prince von Kroi who  already for the seventh time in Latvia uses offered by SSC  "Latvijas valsts meži" (Latvian State Forests) hunting and recreation services:


– Do you have luck in Latvia?

– I am here already for the seventh time. This autumn together with my partner in life we have organised a hunting tour for stalking hunt to our friends from Germany, France and Belgium, of course, with our Latvian friends. ( Nikolaus used offered by SSC "Latvijas valsts meži" hunting services this autumn as well). There is extremely beautiful nature in Latvia, nice people – I feel fantastic here! I do not care what are weather conditions when I am in a forest and hunting. I has been really luky this autumn, I myself have hunted down several wild boars, but my wife has been even more lucky – she has a hart (stag), a wild boar and, most surprisingly, Anna Sofia has hunted down also a wolf. 

– Are there any differences between hunting traditions here, in Latvia, and in other countries, where you have been hunting?

–. Hunters and wild boars are the same as in Belgium, Germany, Sweden.  Everywhere at the first place stands hunting safety and further follow hunting traditions – honouring, tracking and tagging of the animals. It can be seen that there are respected and esteemed old hunting traditions in Latvia. This is evidenced by high level of hunting organisation, excellently equipped hunting enclosures, quantity of animals and, for sure, excellent huntmakers and huntholders. I hope to return here again and again and will recommend to do this to all my friends.