23 • 05 • 2005

Jaunmoku Castle Turned Into Conference Centre

After opening the stable of the reconstructed Manor on 14 May, the Jaunmoku Castle complex turned into a conference centre, which offers together two rooms of 80 m2 and one room of 700 m2 for organising various events, as well as comfortable accommodations for up to 110 persons.

The building of the Manor, built in 1901, which belongs to the Jaunmoku Castle complex and which once served as the big horse stable of the hunting castle of the mayor of Rīga George Armistead, has finally obtained modern and large rooms for conferences, seminars, and accommodation rooms.


The building has fully retained its historical outer image, as well as the original 48 cast-iron columns and wooden beams, inside the building, which since the reconstruction have been decorating the hall of columns placed on the first floor. Up to 200 persons can now work or relax comfortably in this room depending on the event.


For the comfort of guests, the upper floor of the building offers 20 double rooms, providing comfortable accommodation for 48 persons. Every guest of the Manor will be able to choose among the rooms of different colours, all of which have bathrooms facilities, according to their taste and capabilities. Every guest can also choose to stay in one of the two castle guest houses, as well as in one of the apartments in the castle.


The reconstruction works of the Manor was started in July 2004 as an investment project of the company "Latvijas valsts meži", and the works were carried out by the SIA "Alvina".

For more information on services offered by Jaunmoku Castle and their prices see the appendix.