07 • 11 • 2005



In order to improve society’s understanding about the forest and processes happening there, AS “Latvijas valsts meži” (LVM) and the Foundation of Environmental Education on August 22 have signed a cooperation memorandum and this year within its framework LVM will start to implement a new environment education program “Learning about Forests” in schools of Latvia.


“Learning about Forests” – LEAF is an educational program of Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) that officially works in more than 15 European countries since 1997. In 2005 AS “Latvijas valsts meži” began implementing it in order to improve the general education of school youth about the forest and its management, inciting teachers to include topics and events that are related to gaining practical knowledge and skill in general education subjects, by going and studying in a forest near their school.



Imants Ziedonis became a godfather of the program “Learning about Forests” in Latvia. In the Green Fairytale (Zaļā pasaka) he writes: “One night a forest came to the city. In the beginning people did not understand what that meant”. Since September 1, 2005the forest enters the Latvian schools. And in order to provide teachers with a broader understanding about the forest and its importance nowadays, on August 25 in JaunmokuPalacean educational seminar “Learning about Forests” will take place. Representatives of all schools that are involved in implementation of the pilot project of the program this year will participate in this seminar.  


The Foundation for Environmental Education is an international organization that is represented in its member states by national member organizations. It develops and promotes environmental education, management and certification programs all over the world.


Currently three programs of the Foundation for Environmental Education are active in Latvia– “Young Environmental Reporters”, “Eco-Schools” and “Blue Flags”. Detailed information about all programs of this foundation can be found on the Internet site www.fee-international.org.