03 • 12 • 2021

A Christmas Tree from Latvia’s State Forests

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Choosing a Christmas tree in the forest can be a real joy for families; for many it has become an annual tradition. That is why also this Christmas, every family can go to the forests of Latvia to find and bring home one Christmas tree. In order to protect the forest of the future, the search for a Christmas tree must comply with a set of conditions, and only trees of a certain size may be felled in certain places.

You can go looking for a Christmas tree only in the forests managed by JSC “Latvia's State Forests” (LVM) that are marked with a LVM property sign, which shows the LVM logo on a yellow background. Trails and roadside signs indicate that it is a State forest area. The locations of the forests managed by LVM can be viewed in the LVM GEO application, which shows the State forest territories marked in dark green, whereas the forests of private owners are marked in lighter green.

Where and what trees can be cut

It is not allowed to cut Christmas trees in all places in the forest. You can safely look for your holiday ornament on firebreaks, on the sides of forest roads, in mature forests under the trees, as well as on the sides of ditches and under power lines.  On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to cut Christmas trees in pine, spruce, black alder and mixed young stands, because the forest of future grows there. The felling of Christmas trees is also prohibited in public nature parks and specially protected nature territories, which are marked with the oak leaf sign. Christmas trees may not be felled in the forests of private owners without their permission.

The height of the chosen Christmas tree must not exceed 3 metres and the diameter of the stump must not be bigger than 12 cm. You can use both an axe and a machete, but most preferably a saw, because Christmas trees should be cut as close to the ground as possible. When sawing, the stump remains flat, while when cutting with an axe or machete – the stump will be sharp and can injure both forest animals and fellow citizens looking for a Christmas tree.

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Christmas tree in a pot to enjoy for several seasons

If you cannot find your Christmas tree in the forest, the Embassy of Latvia’s State Forests will be happy to help you. Here you can choose a Christmas tree growing in a pot from the many different varieties of Christmas trees grown in the nurseries of JSC “Latvia’s State Forests”. Each of them will fill your home with the scent of a green Christmas tree; moreover, if properly cared for and replanted in spring in a field, it will be green and bushy for many years to come. The Embassy of Latvia’s State Forest offers both traditional Christmas trees and bushy cylindrical trees or other unusual Christmas trees.

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No matter the origin of your Christmas tree, be it found in the forest or bought at the LVM Embassy – it will create a festive mood and will be especially beautiful if decorated with ornaments made of natural materials. Original ornaments, such as balls made of seeds of various trees, are available in a wide selection at the Embassy of Latvia’s State Forests.