30 • 11 • 2021

A New Version of LVM GEO Application

geo telefons app

The LVM GEO team is constantly working to improve and expand the LVM GEO Mobile application. As of 18 November, a new version of LVM GEO Mobile application (3.1.0) is available for those interested, and it provides even more comfortable recreation and work in nature. The off-line functionality has been significantly improved, as Internet coverage is not available everywhere in the forest.

The new version has improved the location functionality, which now also allows you to determine the direction of movement (from the compass or from the direction of travel); users have an option to lock the screen and buttons, as well as connect or disable the map navigation buttons. The new version of the app offers a new background service – a Quaternary sediment map.

Moreover, the background map can now be downloaded in three scales either for the whole territory of Latvia or for individual areas, and can also be updated once the downloads become obsolete.

Major changes in the new version are available to the authorized users of the LVM GEO Mobile application – downloading of company or organization data by area, which can be used for off-line work after downloading.