LVM manages and administers 1.62 million hectares of land of the Republic of Latvia, including 1.60 million hectares of forest land.

In the territory managed by the company, the majority or 86 % is occupied by forests, 6 % of the managed territory is wetlands, 5 % is land under forest infrastructure facilities. Non-forest lands occupy a relatively small part, or 2 %, while glades and overflowing clearings account for 1 % of the managed area.

More than half of the forest area managed by LVM is covered by coniferous trees – 45 % pine stands, 22 % spruce stands. The rest of the area is covered by deciduous forests, of which birch stands are the most common (23 %).

Of the forest and other lands (forests, swamps, meadows, waters) owned by the company, more than 24 % are managed with the aim of nature protection.

To preserve natural diversity, LVM not only manages protected nature territories (including Natura2000), micro-reserves, but also such territories as forest stands of genetic resources of forest tree species.






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