6. How to avoid “fake news” about forestry?

Presenter: Igor Viszlai (Slovak Forestry Chamber, Slovakia)

Description: Fake news – it is hard to spot them in real life, even harder in the forest sector. Is there the way how to avoid them? Sure, by educating the society. Foresters, as well as teachers, are a part of the society, but sometimes their perceptions of forest management are way different. If we want to educate our future generation in line with principles of sustainable development, we need to have teachers and foresters at the same vibe.

The workshop was intended to show best practice examples how foresters and forest pedagogues can educate teachers about the importance of forestry, as well as about the values that forest management brings to the people. If the teachers are educated according to real facts and concrete examples, they can deliver this information to pupils and youngsters without creating misconceptions and fake news, using the experience way and progressive methods of teaching.

Format: The workshop was organized outdoors in the form of discussion and activities that will use “learning through experience” principle, engaging all senses. The participants received the whole picture about the forest management, its importance for society and benefits that forests provide to people. The participants followed the short track in the forest with several stops, where the particular forest-related issue were discussed and experienced. Activities were based on an interdisciplinary linking of subjects (mathematics or biology) on a forest example. The workshop was not physically demanding.