8. Survival strategy and cooperation models: nature and schools, search for parallels with the ecosystem

Presenter: Karolina Machackova (University of Life Science, Czech Republic)

Description: Processes and interactions in the economy and society are often almost identical to processes in nature. Particularly vivid, evolutionarily validated strategies and strategic management can be illustrated by the example of a forest. Trees, plants, animals and mushrooms are an impressive example of sustainability, circular economy, diversity management and strategic partnerships. Nature has given us millions of years of experience. Nature and forest are examples of good practice.

The objective of workshop - using specific methods of Forest Pedagogics to present what can be drawn from nature for strategy and team development, how to use the principles of success in nature and implement it into its own "ecosystem" - in a school, business or society. For example, ants impress with their intelligence of swarms, squirrels with their energy and resource management. It was demonstrated how the forest is able to adapt and develop even after disasters. In business, this is referred to as „innovative processes“. Forest, schools and business have much in common, they are complex systems with many interactions, applying diversity management. The goal was an abstraction of the problem by analyzing specific examples of the forest ecosystem, understanding the parallels with nature and the ability to translate them into everyday context of society and business.

Format:  Outside in the forest, including hands-on activities and demonstrations, involving all senses.